Aseptic Preparation Unit

Ipswich Hospital

Aseptic Preparation Unit

Client:  Ipswich Hospital

Main Contractor:  Kier

Value £4.7m

Open date 2015


The APU is home to pharmaceutical isolators – specialist pieces of equipment which provide very clean environments to protect both the drugs from contamination, and the staff from the drug’s toxic effects.  These have now been able to match the anticipated demand of an expected increase in patients from 17 to 30 patients per day and has almost doubled the capacity to that achieved before the unit was completed.


Oncology pharmacist Ian Floodgate said: “With the new APU, the aim is to provide the treatment required to our patients, at the time that they need it, with a high level of quality assurance to minimise the risks involved to patients and staff when preparing these injections.


Kevin Purser, chief pharmacist at Ipswich Hospital, is delighted with the facilities. “This is the best development we have had in the hospital for some time. It is a key component to treating cancer patients in Ipswich and east Suffolk.”


The APU has been delivered on schedule and is delivering treatments to cancer patients on programme.





CCTech Provided:

Design support for the APU with the development of the User Requirement Specification (URS). The unit was designed to industry standard "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP) requirements and we also provided the Validation Master Plan and Validation process through to Regulatory Compliance and Soft Landings.

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