Commissioning Rebalance

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) systems are fundamental to the operation and control of laboratories in particular where barriers and containment systems are in use.


Getting the balance right is a crucial for all laboratories but in particular for facilities with containment and barriers. In addition clean rooms and aseptic facilities require carefully balanced rooms with demonstrable test results that meet regulatory compliance.


Following on from the BPO process


The recommissioning specification must identify the systems to be recommissioned, their functions, duration of operation and interrelationship with other plant and systems.


Drawings, schematics and design data should be available, these should show the locations of all dampers, valves and flow measurement devices. Temperature and humidity sensors, pressure inducers controlling fan speed through VSD’s, VAV sensors and filter pressure drop.


 About Commissiong Rebalance

 A commissioning programme is generally agreed which will enable the rebalance to be achieved while the facility is operational.


The commissioning process that CCTech implement is always predicated on meeting the requirements of the relevant codes of practise, guidelines and regulatory compliance.


Access for areas must be determined and PPE requirements and any restrictions between areas within the facility (across the barrier in a BSU for example) must be clearly understood prior to the start of the process.


Key to the success of any rebalance is an agreed programme with the end users, this will include the following:


• Arrangements for access and security,

• A review of the Method Statements and Risk Assessments.

• Safe access for adjustment on Constant Volume Boxes and commissioning dampers.

• Co-ordination with staff and researchers on sensitive areas and how they are to be protected.

• Sterilisation arrangements for the entry of materials and equipment

• Communication with the unit staff is daily while the rebalance is in progress


The commissioning programme will generally require the resetting of all fixed and dynamic dampers across a full system – access to dampers must be determined in advance to ensure a smooth programme of works.



Once the rebalance of the facility is completed the readings are reviewed and witnessing commences with an independent expert appointed by the client to verify the readings are achieving the required settings.



A full and complete set of commissioning check sheets and test record sheets

Update all drawings and schematics to reflect the new operating levels.


Follow up

Seasonal commissioning may be required.

Occupancy Evaluation will be required at regular intervals for the first year.


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