Process SOP's

 About Process SOP's

Process Standard Operating Procedures (pSOPs)  describe the operating processes which underpin both the research undertaken and also the operation of the building and key items of equipment.


Too often, facilities have been designed with little thought to detailed operations and it is often not until the facility is operational that people discover that the barrier design and the operational processes are not optimal.


With the development of these Process SOPs prior to the design process, we will jointly be able to focus on how the building will operate during the commissioning, validation, burn-In, training and decontamination programmes and the facility’s on-going operation and maintenance after the barriers have been put in place.  This will mean that the design team will be able to layout areas such as changing rooms and experimental areas in the way that matches the process.  This will enable the smooth transition and opening of the facility to matches the aspirations of the Client.



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