About Burn-In

Biomedical facilities perform very important research programmes that require exacting environmental requirements. During the Burn-in period CCTech tests the systems under load to ensure that all systems are shaken-down and robust. Our experience on various projects shows that a 30-day Burn-in programme where the building's systems are run 24/7 at pre-determined control parameters (e.g x days for each of peak, optimum and base settings), is the best system for "shaking down" a complex building. CCTech's experience shows that a 30-day Burn-in, provides a sufficiently long operational period for most weaknesses in design and construction to reveal themselves.

It is important that all stakeholders are aware from the start that all systems will be design reviewed, Installation Qualification (IQ) will take place and the building will be robustly tested. The specifications will be rigorously produced and no defects or deviations will be tolerated.

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