Laboratories consume large quantities of energy (and other resources) often more than three or four times the rate for offices on a square metre basis – Source HEEPI July 2011

energy intensity

Evidence Based Modelling

CCTech carries out rigorous assessments to ensure regulatory compliance in partnership with Researchers, Facility Managers and users. Our approach is to optimise plant and services around evidence-based research.

Understanding energy usage

‘What gets measured gets managed’ is a very old adage and this is very much the case where laboratory resources are concerned. Understandably, many laboratories are constructed with primary regulatory and safety margins in mind. This can lead to a focus which excludes the measurement and management of energy and other resources. Our approach helps to bring perspective to this area through improved measurement and understanding.

energy breakdown

Resulting improvements

  • Better targeting of resources to create an appropriate and healthy environment for research subjects and staff.
  • A focus on operational efficiency leading to improved SOP’s
  • A more costs effective use of resources, reducing carbon emissions and waste
  • Improvements paid for through energy savings

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