Laboratory Animal Allergens (LAA) and Environmental Testing

About LAA and Environmental Testing

In addition to providing animals and staff with clean fresh air, the high rate of air change found in laboratory facilities also plays an important part in controlling laboratory animal allergens (LAA).

LAA are potent sensitisers and inhalation can lead to conditions such as occupational asthma. The Cube has more than 13 years experience of monitoring LAA exposure in many facilities including the country’s most prestigious Universities and Pharmaceutical Research establishments. We work with our clients to design a programme of monitoring including both static and personal sampling which will provide a comprehensive overview of LAA levels within your facility.

Our sample analysis will be performed by The Health and Safety Laboratory (Our partner laboratory and part of The Health and Safety Executive). We only use our own staff for all site attendances; they are all experienced animal facility professionals whilst also being experienced H&S professionals (including occupational health).

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