The Project

The University of Sussex published a tender to identify and hire a specialist consultancy that had the required experience and competencies to assess the current Ancillary Unit, and subsequently advise on a “best value” route to up-grading the Unit while making it fit for the University's expansion plans. CCTech were awarded the project which had to be completed over a short timescale.


Project Implementation

CCTech's approach was holistic, deploying a team of experts to:

•  Define project scope, detail and timeline with University senior

•  Interview the majority of Ancillary Unit users to harness their
   views and define their research aspirations and the facilities required

•  Present an Initial User Feedback report to University management based
   on user requirements

•  Survey the size, shape and fabric of the Unit, its satellites and their
   immediate environment

•  Collate the survey data into a Condition Survey Report and present to
   University management, for their feedback

•  Build on the Condition Survey, the Users Requirements and Management
   Feedback to provide a comprehensive Options Report. Options ranged
   from doing the minimum to maintain current research programmes and
   compliance with A(SP)A 2014, to a complete rebuild on a new site with
   space for expansion of several research objectives. 

Project Completion

CCTech are now completing the Development Project by conducting Risk Assessments for the minimal maintenance approach, whilst the

University considers its longer-term options and the value of an enlarged re-build.